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How to choose the right size decals for your appliance?


We have outlined the steps in determining what size decals you need before placing your order. Experience has taught us that even with the same brand and model number.  There may be a deviation in knob size and dimensions.  Therefore we encourage you to check your knob dimension and let us know before we start your order.  Otherwise, we will automatically ship the standard size.

We provide decals in virtually all sizes.  However, these are the 5 most popular sizes across manufacturers.   

  • 46mm (1.81")
  • 50mm (1.97")
  • 52mm (2.05")
  • 58mm (2.29")
  • 62mm (2.44")
Step-by-step guide on how to measure oven knobs for replacement

How to measure the knob dimension?


Step 1


Determine what size knobs you currently have. 

To do this, remove your knob from your appliance.

Ensure accurate sizing by learning how to determine the right size for oven knobs

Step 2


Measure the diameter of your knob.

Learn how to determine the right size for oven knobs

Step 3


Now that you know the size of your appliance knob, it is fairly easy to make a decision on what size decal to order.  We have five sizes, and of those five sizes our knob in the photo falls in between two sizes: 50mm (1.97") and

52mm (2.05").  Because we don’t want the appliance knob to cover the decal lettering on the console, it would be best to stay slightly larger, so as to not cover up our lettering.  So, 52mm (2.05") will be the ideal size.  

A guide to determining the correct size for oven knobs

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